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Miss USA and Principles

Fox News reports that “Miss California’s competitors from gay marriage states say she needed to be PC”. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,517616,00.html

But what are these contestants really saying? It’s o.k. to compromise principles to get ahead. What they obviously do not understand; if you compromise principles, you really don’t have any principles. That is what I say about those contestants admitting they would lie to get ahead and Miss Prejean should have been politically correct (PC) and lied for personal benefit.

The question then is are these contestants lying now. This dilemma arises when principles are compromised not just for PC reasons, but for any reason. Society is left in a state of perpetual confusion between right and wrong. What are right or wrong and when is something right or wrong becomes incomprehensible.

Webster’s online primary definition of principle is:

1a : a comprehensive and fundamental law, doctrine, or assumption b (1) : a rule or code of conduct (2) : habitual devotion to right principles {a man of principle} c : the laws or facts of nature underlying the working of an artificial device.

¬†This definition is also the exact same definition in Merriam-Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary copyright 1985. In other words, the definition of principle has not changed with the times (sorry, all you progressives out there).

The polemic attack by Perez Hilton on Miss California demonstrates, for all the ostriches out there, just how hateful and racist the PC crowd along with their MSM backers can be.

Several of Miss California’s competitors admitted that Miss California should have been more PC. What they are really saying is Miss California should have lied to further her aspirations. I call this the Bill Clinton syndrome-lie, lie, and then lie again; sooner or later the majority will start to believe the lie to be the truth. People’s perceptions become truth, and reality becomes a lie.

But the real shock is how quickly the MSM, the pageant officials, and Miss California USA pageant officials rushed to condemn Miss California.

Our Constitutional Rights are for individuals, not groups. When groups are given the rights as an individual, you are diluting the individual’s rights in favor of the group’s rights. This is exactly what has happened here. Miss California’s rights of free speech are limited to being PC only or risk ridicule, polemic outbursts and condemnation.

I heartily praise Miss California for sticking to her personal principles, beliefs, and convictions in the face of the PC hate- mongers.


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