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Republicans Must Change to Succeed

How do I know this, the MSM and the left wing political pundits tell me so. For months now, since the Republican loss in the 2008 Presidential election, all of the MSM (NBC News, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, MSNBC, FOX News) and their Political Pundits have been pushing the notion that the Republican Party (GOP) is in turmoil and must change to be more inclusive or risk never winning another election.

I have some questions for all you Republicans out there. How many of you believe that the MSM and their Political Pundits want to help the GOP get back to being the majority party in Government? If any of you answered yes—you are a Republican in Name Only (RINO).

Why would left-wing news medias and their left-wing political pundits want to help the GOP? The answer is they would not and do not want to help the GOP regain prominence.  They realize that the downfall of the GOP in recent elections is the result of Republicans abandoning their basic principles and ideals—not the opposite. That is why they are championing the “become more inclusive” mantra, the express purpose being to ensure the Republicans and the GOP remain in their left-wing stated “state of confusion”. If the Republicans and GOP buy into this deception they will do exactly that. Many in the GOP and some Republicans are buying into this “become more inclusive” mantra.

Why is the GOP buying into and parroting the left-wing rhetoric? The answer is simple—it sounds good and is politically correct (PC). But the position the left-wingers fear most is Conservatism—basic truths set out in our Constitution. That is why they are pushing so hard to convince RINOs and Independents that conservatism is an evil to be condemned. (An Alinski tactic where you pick a group to be the enemy and then hit them with everything you got, and these days the progressives have a lot of high level supporters. See above.)

Why are RINOs like McCain, Graham, Snowe, Collins, Hatch, Cantor, Giuliani, Specter (oh yeah, he made his RINO status official—switched to democrat), and many others buying into the left’s deception. Lindsey Graham was on Fox saying how so called moderates are necessary to win elections in the Northeast. If this is so, why do so many politicians in the Northeast  run as Republicans to win elections but immediately govern as a democrat or even switch after the election to Democrat? ((Spector, Snowe, Collins, Bloomberg (he originally won as a Republican, switched to Independent and has now switched back to Republican to run for a third term)) Graham is part of the Republican problem, his logic is completely wrong for the GOP and signifies exactly what the GOP problem is—too many RINOs in positions of power within the GOP.

There is only one way Republicans and the GOP will regain their political dominance. That one way is conservatism. The GOP must reject the Republican politicians that have destroyed the GOP over the past two decades when they abandoned the GOP’s principles put forth by our forefathers and Constitution. (Freedom, small government, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.)


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