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The Obama Pandemic

Americans have been experiencing a true pandemic for almost eight years now. The pandemic started in the South Side of Chicago when an unknown to Americans outside of the South Side of Chicago became a Illinois Senator. This previously dormant pandemic then started spreading quickly elevating the pandemic to the National level when the Illinois’ citizens sent the pandemic to the US Senate.

The pandemic was making many permutations to avoid discovery and cures. But the main cover-up of the pandemic was the main stream media (MSM). Not only were the MSM covering-up the pandemic but actually promoting the pandemic through a massive pro-propaganda campaign. This pro-propaganda campaign was the main propellant for the pandemic to infest and quickly propagate through the Democratic Party and so called Independents in America.

Now America is threatened by the most dangerous pandemic in it’s history. It seems little if anything can stop this pandemic from infecting everything it touches. Even the historically independent commentator Bill O’Reilly has been stricken. This “fair and balanced” the O’Reilly Factor commentator with the “we’re looking out for you” motto has become part of the sycophant MSM. Read Mr. O’Reilly’s post on Townhall.com on Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) and Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS). What Mr. O’Reilly fails to acknowledge is BDS was propagated and based on lies while what O’Reilly is calling ODS is based on actual events and facts.

O’Reilly’s infection apparently started when his ultra-ego necessitated he interrupt the Republican National Convention just prior to McCain’s Vice Presidential choice Sara Palen’s acceptance speech before the Convention with an interview with the Obama Pandemic. This encounter has apparently infected O’Reilly with the Obama Pandemic.

The Obama Pandemic is such a horrendous disease since it apparently infects the brain by replacing intelligence with fawning admiration for the disease itself. It takes over one’s brain at differing speeds depending on the amount of intelligence it must destroy and replace with fawning admiration.

Apparently it has taken less than a year to infest and take over Mr. O’Reilly’s brain.


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