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President Obama’s Californication of America

Our new President wants to put the same screws to the rest of America that California has put to it’s own residents. California has the toughest global warming regulations of any state.

So what has this global warming regulation produced:

[1] Almost 10% unemployment rates–one of the highest in the country.

[2] The 4th highest housing foreclosure rates in the nation.

[3] California must import its energy from other states–the highest in the country.

[4] The second highest commercial sector energy prices. (Hawaii is #1)

[5] California has lost more businesses in recent years than any other state.

[6] California is facing a $40 Billion deficit.

What has all of this pain for the people of California accomplished…nothing, nada.

California has accomplished zero environmental gain for all of this pain. And President Obama with his delusional ideology wants all of America’s people to experience California’s pain for no gain, nothing, nada.

From morningbell@heritage.org

For more stories/articles go to The Foundry


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