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????? What a Deal ?????

Have the rest of you been getting emails espousing the savings the Government is going to get to help pay for the massive spending needed to destroy America’s health system.

I just received one from Politico (that NYT/WPO want-a-be on the net) glorifying the drug companies lying about saving 80 billion over ten years.

Question? If they could really save this money, tell me again why we need a healthcare system overhaul.

The anointed One (You know, that One who has never done anything in his life of any consequence excepting lying his a$$ off to get elected. The One that can’t put a complete sentence together without his crutches—teleprompter. That One.) could just wave his magic tongue and the drug companies would start selling their drugs in America at the same price they sell them in Mexico,  doctors would cut their charges in half, hospitals would all become non-profit and operate with all volunteers, insurance companies would become benevolent societies and the poor would get their insurance for free. You know, all those utopian fairy-tales promised by the One.

Who could say no to this pipe-dream? Certainly not those hate America Marxist/Progressives, the hate America sycophant MSM/Liberals, all those destroy America labor unions/thugs, all of the lying/stealing/stuff their own pocket hypocrites in Congress/politicians, and don’t forget all those poor and deprived in our society—any minority (except white men but including illegal immigrants).

All of this designed so that the Marxists/Progressives will never loose another election; if they even allow another election, and to funnel all of the middle class monies to the super rich upper class. (And you were brainwashed into believing only the Republicans would ever do this…shame on you.)

You know something; your auto warranty has expired, and do I have a great deal for you!


June 20, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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