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“Chicken Little” President

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling!”  It seems the sky is falling everywhere as everything the Obamanation wants to do has to be done yesterday or the world will end/explode today.

Why, because if time is taken to examine or even bother to read these massive spending/tax programs, everyone except the Radical Left/Progressives/Marxists/Fascists would be against them. To get these programs passed, they have to be rushed through, and the Democrats and a few RINOs in Congress are more than happy to play along. (Politicians never saw a spending bill/tax they didn’t love.)

787 Billion dollar intentionally falsely named stimulus bill (that has obviously only stimulated wasteful spending) had to be passed immediately or our financial system would crash. But, after not having time to even read the bill the Democrats and three RINOs voted for, the bill sat on the Obamanation’s desk for four days and less than 20% has been spent in more than 3 months. The majority of this gigantic wasteful spending bill will be held to spend later for the purpose of getting Democrats re-elected in 2010 and 2012.

Cap and Trade tax on carbon emissions (CO2) that will kill all plants and then animals in the pretense of reducing CO2 emissions to save an Earth that is not in peril from the SCAM of Global Warming. Will make America twice as dependent on foreign sources of energy as America is restricted by hate America Liberals/Progressives/Marxists/Fascists promoting laws restricting and preventing America from exploring for it’s own energy. The proposed replacement for fossil fuels: solar, wind, geothermal, etc., are at least 20 years into the future and will never provide enough energy to replace fossil fuels. A bill that will add the largest tax increase on Americans ever (estimated at $3000+ per household) must be passed immediately to prevent the biggest scam in world history (global warming) from destroying the earth. (Just a tax to further stuff the pockets of Democrats and their supporters.)

Obamacare estimated at 1.6 Trillion but will cost at least twice that and restrict healthcare through rationing to all Americans but specifically the elderly ((Ever wonder why is the AARP silent on this. (That’s another post but it has to do with ACORN and the SEIU.)) must be passed to save America from economic collapse. Eventually Medicare and Medicaid will cause an economic collapse but is big Government rationing healthcare the answer? And, what about Social Security running out of money?

Next will be a rushed/pushed through amnesty for illegal’s. America will explode if we don’t double our population with Liberal/Progressive voters already conditioned to Fascist/Marxist Government controls.


June 27, 2009 - Posted by | Executive, Government

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