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Democrats and Bipartisanship

Democrats have a funny idea of what bipartisanship means. To a Democrat, bipartisanship becomes evident when the yellow stripe down the back of a Republican starts glowing.

If you have the time or inclination to follow the votes on bills in the House and Senate, on any bill that is not just promotional such as renaming a post office or condemning a mass murderer, the votes are always all democrats voting one way and all republicans voting the other.

The Democrats declare the vote to be bipartisan when they can get at least one Republican to vote with them. Usually it is not very difficult to get more than one Republican to vote with the Democrats as their are many liberal Republicans in Congress.

But on most bills, Democrats always vote as a group with 99 to 100% voting for or against some bill or amendment. When they can get one or more Republicans to vote with the Democrats, the Democrats will proclaim the bill as having bipartisan support. (Bipartisan support really means the Democrats will have the Republicans to blame when things go bad. Even if there is only one Republican voting for a Democrat bill, if things go bad they will blame those evil Republicans for the problem.) When the Democrats can’t get any Republicans to vote with them, they say the Republicans are being obstructionists. When it is the other way around, the Democrats proclaim victory.

You will almost never see the Democrats crossing the isle and joining with Republicans on important legislation. Bipartisanship always means the Republicans have caved in and given the Democrats what they want.


June 27, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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