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Mexicanizing America’s Jobs

In 1984, I was transferred by the oil services company I worked to Laredo, Texas. Most of the people living in Laredo were either Mexicans or were of Mexican descent, most working on Green Cards. All of the local workers I worked with held Green Cards.

One day, out of curiosity, I asked my Operators (That’s what oil services company drivers/riggers were called—a highly respected and financially rewarding position.) why, since Mexico had their own oil company (Pemex), did they choose to work in America on a Green Card?

They replied; they came to work in America’s oil fields because to work in Mexico’s oil fields the workers had to pay part of their wages with their bosses or loose their job. Sounds a lot like America’s Unions…doesn’t it. The bosses would in turn pay their bosses–on and on all the way to the top. This process of “pay to play” is the basis of all work in Mexico and maintains the massive corruption throughout Mexico.

With our new President Obama, Unions have been put in charge and made owners of the auto industry. Obama is appointing Union Bosses and affiliated promoters as Czars in Commerce and Labor Departments within the Government.

Why, because all despots (Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mugabe, Chaves, and others)started as Community Organizers (promote dissent and tyranny through propaganda and lies—as a friend of mine would say…stir the pot)  and Unions already have a controlled group that heavily supports political corruption.

The push for the lie of healthcare reform has nothing to do with improving healthcare. (It will, in fact, destroy healthcare in America through rationing, especially for the elderly.) The whole reason for healthcare reform is to promote Unions. Today there are approximately 60,000 union nurses out of more than 3,500,000 total RNs and LPNs. ACORN, SEIU, AFSCME, UNA and the AARP (do your own search) are pushing to Unionize America’s Nurses along with all hospital employees. A pro-Union Government (remember the Democrat supported Card-Check) run healthcare program will require/force all workers to belong to the Union or else…no job.

Why, you may ask, would the Government want to do this? The answer is simple…money. Unions already pay large sums to politicians (mostly Democrats) through campaign contributions and lobbyists to maintain their power (both the union bosses and the politicians). With more people being forced into Unions, more money will be available to perpetuate a never ending circle of Political and Union corruption.

It’s not just illegal Mexican immigrants sneaking into America…got your Union Card yet!


June 27, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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