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Minnesota’s Blatantly Stolen Senate Election!

Well, it’s over, after several court battles, the Democrats have succeeded is stealing the US Senate seat from Coleman.

Let me ask the following question:

If Franken received 5% more total votes than Obama (as reported) in Minnesota, what does that mean?

[A] People that voted for the Republican McCain for President crossed over and voted for the Democrat Franken for US Senator.

[B] People went to the polls and did not vote for a President but voted only for Franken for US Senate.

[C] The ballot boxes were stuffed with Franken for US Senate votes.

Some hints, as if any are needed:

In one heavily Democratic Polling District, more than 1000 votes over the total number of registered voters in that District were counted. That means 100% of registered voters plus over 1000 more non-registered voters voted…sure, that happens all the time.

Over 1000 votes were found in a Democratic polling supervisors car trunk 2 days after the election—they were allowed to be counted.

1000s of military absentee votes were not allowed to be counted. The Democratic Polling Districts claimed they were not received on time.

The heavily Democratic Districts were allowed to be recounted with very liberal recount rules and adjust their numbers. The Republican Districts were not allowed a recount or were put under very strict recount rules.

The Democrat Secretary of State (a man with ties to ACORN), the highest State Election Official, prevented 1000s of votes from being recounted, specifically in Republican leaning districts and military absentee ballots.

Coleman originally won the Minnesota US Senate race, after all Districts were reported, by 780 votes. Minutes later the heavily Democratic Districts started adjusting their vote counts reducing Coleman’s lead to 270 votes. After several months and several Democratic called court hearings the Democrats finally got Franken a lead of 260 votes, they immediately called a stop to the counting. Coleman then filled his own court hearings in a attempt to stop the stealing of a US Senate seat by the Democrats.

Alas, the stealing/cheating Democrats have prevailed; after all, the Democrats are professionals at stealing elections, they go back to Kennedy stealing the Presidential election in 1960 and probably even farther back than that.


July 1, 2009 - Posted by | Politics

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