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Winter in July 2009

When was the last time your heater “fired-up” on a beautiful July day in Virginia?

I can’t remember when the last time was, can you?

So much for America’s Democratic Party SCAM called global-warming. Under the deceitful lies by Al Gore and the global-warming cabal, America’s Democratic Party, United Nations, European Union, and Progressives everywhere, America’s west coast, specifically California—Rep. Waxman (D-CA), and north east States, specifically Massachusetts—Rep. Markey (D-MA), have condemned America to poverty with their massive Cap and Tax bill. ((They call it Cap and Trade, but the only trading going on is through the Al Gore (D-former VP) run Hedge Funds.))

The Cap and Tax bill is promoted as a world savior by reducing the greenhouse gas Carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Why anyone with any intelligence would want to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere bewilders me and 35,000+ real scientists. Why, because CO2 is essential to all living things just as oxygen is essential to all human life. People breathe in oxygen and exhale CO2. Plants breathe in CO2 and exhale oxygen. The cycle of life. By reducing CO2, less plants can exist resulting in less oxygen for humans to breath which results in even less CO2 and around and around until everything living on earth is dead. (OK, this is an exaggeration of course but no more so than the exaggerated global-warming SCAM.)

Another point. You remember on those beautiful bright sunny and low humidity days when it is so warm during the day and as soon as the sun goes down it gets cold very quickly. That’s because their is no moisture in the air to hold the heat at the earth’s surface so it dissipates very quickly. Well, CO2 also holds the heat in the atmosphere, hence the term green house gas. But, without CO2 ((and water (H2O)) in the air, the earth cools very quickly. With nothing to hold the heat in the earth’s atmosphere, the earth becomes one big ice sheet. Ever heard of the Ice Age? Come on now, Disney made a movie about it with a mammoth, a sloth, a saber-toothed tiger, and a baby. So, when our Sun’s gases aren’t exploding with gazillions of tons of energy (sun spots), less heat gets to the surface of the earth and with nothing to hold what little heat reaching the earth in, we all freeze to death. (Again an exaggeration but you get my point.)

Now, after hyping this exaggerated Ice Age (the opposite of the exaggerated Global Warming SCAM), we really have nothing to fear. Why, because the Waxman/Markey Cap and Tax Bill really does NOTHING to reduce green house gasses—remember, it’s just a SCAM. The only thing Cap and Tax reduces is how much money you have left over, if any, after paying higher prices for everything you buy.

Lets give a great big cheer for Waxman/Markey and their SCAM bankrupting America!


July 3, 2009 - Posted by | Congress, Government, Politics

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  1. Gut!

    Comment by Flash | July 6, 2009 | Reply

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