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The Dogs of America

Just about everyone in America has owned a dog at some point in their lives. If you haven’t, I’m sure you have heard the phrase, “a dog is man’s best friend.” Why, because if you do not physically abuse your dog to the point he/she becomes afraid of you, a dog will love you no matter what. Ignore him/her, forget to feed him/her, never take him/her to the vet, feed him/her the cheapest food you can find, keep him/her in a cage, or lavish him/her with love and attention, or give him/her table scraps (dogs love that), a dog will still excitedly wag it’s tail and love you.

These days, with the Obamanation taking over America, it seems Americans have gone to the dogs. From the main stream media (MSM) waging it’s tail waiting to get a pat on the head from it’s master Obama to our Congress doing everything to please their master Obama, to the American people being ignored but hoping for their loveable master Obama to throw them some table scraps, we have become dogs waiting endlessly with our tails between our legs waiting, waiting, waiting for something good from our master Obama. A pat on the head, a kind word or smile, just to hear his voice and our tail goes up and wags so hard our rumps are wagging too…how happy we become.

As every dog knows, when it’s master is eating a big fat T-Bone steak, if we’ve been good dogs and love our master no matter what, our master is kind enough to throw us the bone. (We become so excited at the prospect of maybe getting the bone we jump up and down and wag our tails and might just pee a little.) What a great master we have! (These past five months Obama has been eating a lot of T-Bone steaks.)

What a dog doesn’t know is that his/her very existence depends on his/her master’s whim. What kind of food he/she gets to eat, whether or not he/she gets healthcare, whether or not he/she gets any table scraps, whether or not he/she gets love and kindness…a pat on the head or beat with a rolled up newspaper.

I don’t know about you, but I love dogs. Every dog I have owned, I have done everything within my power to make sure he/she has a good and happy life and indeed my dogs were my best friends. But, I would and never will be a dog to anyone. I will never willingly submit to being owned by anyone, controlled by anyone’s whims, or happy with someone’s table scraps. My existence and the quality of my life depends on one person only…me.

America please, stop being Obamanation’s dogs!


July 7, 2009 - Posted by | America

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