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Sara Palin, “Strictly Business Decision”

The pundits, along with the so-called political experts and the willing hate filled MSM have for days now, as usual, got it all wrong on Sara Palin’s resignation as Alaska’s Governor.

Since John McCain chose Sara Palin to be his Vice Presidential running mate, Sara Palin has been the whipping post of every hate group in America (especially pro-choice women’s groups, radical left-wing elites, progressives, and professional politicians in the Democrat and Republican Parties.)

The hate filled attacks on  on her personally and especially her family members was and still is vicious. With the high cost, in real money terms, to her personally and to the State of Alaska, the decision to resign was a very shrewd business decision (stop the bleeding).

With a multimillion dollar book deal, millions to be made in speaking engagements, and stopping the relentless hate filled attacks by the left wing radical America haters, resigning as Alaska’s Governor was not only logical, it was a brilliant business decision.

It will now be much more difficult for the hate filled left in America to single out Palin for their vitriol, although their hate runs deep and they will take every opportunity to try.

The decision to resign as Governor of Alaska was strictly business and Palin’s future opportunities; financial, political, and personal, look very bright.


July 9, 2009 - Posted by | America, Government, Politics

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