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Selling Out America for “$Green$”

Obama has four of his Government Agencies threaten to withhold funds going to Arizona  because John Kyle, Arizona US Senator, says Stimulus Bill isn’t working and should be stopped. (Anyone for Chicago Mafia treatment, Obama style.)

Cap and trade is all about money. The Cap and Trade Waxman/Markey bill will do nothing to reduce green house gases but will produce a lot of green in the form of US dollars going to big financiers and hedge funds. (The billionaire Democrats stealing more of the peoples money.)

AARP has and is right now sold out it’s constituents on healthcare. The AARP’s leadership is in cahoots with the SEIU, ACORN, HCAN, George Soros, AFSCME nurses union, and other left wing radical organizations like Move On and Center for American Progress to force all healthcare workers to unionize. The more money the unions get the more money the Democrats get back in the form of campaign contributions. The AARP is backing Obama’s health care fiasco that will end up killing millions of elderly Americans. (Can everyone say scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.)

Card Check is a proposed bill to force all workers into unions. (Just more money for the union bosses to throw back to the Democrats.)

The “Global Warming SCAM” gives Democratically connected financiers and hedge funds trillions in government (the people’s money) subsidies to build green energy. The result, after all of this wasted taxpayer money, will be a huge increase in America’s dependence on foreign sources of energy since Obama and the Democrats won’t let America produce any of it’s own energy sources. (Can Americans say…shoot yourself in the foot.)

And what about all those Americans; alive, dead, and illegal ones, that voted for Obama and the Democrats…they sold out America just for a “dream” of $Green$. (Can they say they have been had!)


July 16, 2009 - Posted by | America, Government, Politics

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