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American Genocide

The government run healthcare debate is just more propaganda and lies—it’s really all about the redistribution of money. Healthcare and Social Security dollars are not inexhaustible. Who will get the bulk of the US tax dollars is the question.

Government power and control over American’s lives could never be greater than the power over daily decisions involving life and death. Obama’s government run healthcare would give that power to the government.

Obama’s forceful promotion of abortion on demand, even for partial birth abortion, and his indefensible position on killing babies in botched abortion scenarios is appalling. (Obama’s rationale–after all the intent is to kill the baby and interference in that intent would be a violation of the mother’s rights.)

How far is elderly genocide away when balancing the healthcare budget is priority number one?

With the baby boomer generation entering the Social Security program at exponential rates and the elderly demanding the vast majority of medical services, what is the easiest solution?

Less demand would lower the cost to both Social Security and healthcare. Just a small reduction in the average life span of Americans would make a large contribution toward balancing the US and healthcare budgets.

So the real question is: Is it worth the cost to extend the lives of America’s seniors?

That is the real debate, you must decide!


July 24, 2009 - Posted by | Government, Healthcare, Politics

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