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Everyone should visit americanthinker.com every day and also visit PJTv (Pajamas TV from Pajamas Media) for the best viewing and reading of commentary on relevant topics concerning politics and American/World issues.

The entries below are/should be mandatory viewing/reading for all Americans.

Check them out:

(PJTv Video, 13 min.) Afterburner: In Defense of Sarah Palin.

The Media, The Left and GOP Elitists v. Sarah Palin: A Lesson on How to Destroy a Leader
Bill Whittle explains how relentless harassment & false accusations can destroy a person of integrity.CLICK HERE

(American Thinker Articles)

The Diplomacy of Jackals
Lance Fairchok
Enabling tyrants is never wise. More

Ayn Rand: ‘Goddess of the Market’
Richard Baehr
Ayn Rand’s books are suddenly hot, and her ideas too, as the statist menace looms. More

Barack’s ”Teachable Moment’
Jeannie DeAngelis
While inconsolable family members bid farewell to a fallen New Jersey police hero, at a Washington DC press conference Barack Obama reminded Americans of law enforcement’s history of racial injustice. More


July 28, 2009 - Posted by | America, Government, Politics

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