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Obama Says: New, Stronger Foundation

From washingtontimes.com comes Obama’s Saturday Radio Address article:

Obama: ‘Spirit of innovation’ key to the future

By Darlene Superville ASSOCIATED PRESS

The following quote is from the article:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama, citing fresh evidence the recession is winding down, says the country’s future economic prosperity depends on building a new, stronger foundation and recapturing the "spirit of innovation."

I want to draw all American’s attention to the very revealing words of the messiah’s intentions—”building a new, stronger foundation”.

I was under the impression that America’s foundation is based on our Constitution. You know, that document forged by our founding fathers expressing the freedom and power of the people over oppressive big governments and the foundation that has made America the greatest country economically, socially, and militarily in the World.

Obama’s own words state his intention on destroying our Constitution and “building a new, stronger foundation.” Obama’s actions over his first six months in office should make it clear to all his intention to build a new, stronger foundation is based on big government control and the destruction of all individual freedoms.

We should all feel safe and sound knowing big Government is going to take care of us all…America, as we have known it, is doomed!


August 1, 2009 - Posted by | America, Executive, Government, Politics

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  1. The Constitution and the freedoms it preserved were the foundations of America. It remains to be seen what will be the foundations of the nation the Liberals seek to replace America with will be.

    Comment by jonolan | August 1, 2009 | Reply

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