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The “Smeller is the Feller”

Obama calls for snitches, wrote the book, well, Alinsky wrote the book, Obama just took it to a higher level.

More psychotic behavior from Pelosi–she sees swastikas, the CIA lied to her and Congress, she doesn’t care if she is disliked, that’s a good thing because she is disliked by just about all of the people, and it doesn’t matter what the people want, they are going to get government run healthcare.

DNC says American’s exercising their 1st Amendment rights are organized mobs. (if only they were)

SEIU organizing to beat back any criticism of Obama. After all, the SEIU has 81 million of their workers hard earned dues invested in Obama.

AARP shuts down listen to our members meeting because they didn’t like what their members were saying.

The Dems are claiming a right wing Rep conspiracy to destroy Obama, but the Dems left wing conspiracy to destroy Bush was patriotic.

To a Dem an intelligent debate is when everyone agrees with them.

To a Dem a bipartisan bill is when they can trick a RINO into voting with them.

Obama taught ACORN how to disrupt meetings—now he cries foul. Obama is claiming, which is just another of Obama’s many lies, that the Reps are doing what he taught ACORN how to do. What treachery!

How or why do the Dems think these things of the Reps, because that is exactly what the Dems have been doing for decades now and they are just projecting their behavior onto the Reps.


August 8, 2009 - Posted by | America, Government, Healthcare, Politics

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