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Obama “Hate” Creates World of “Love”

All of you hate democracies wherever they exist, especially in America, can rejoice. The Obama cabal of hate America extremists in the White House can say with certainty that America is now loved by the socialist, progressives, Marxists, Fascist, and Totalitarian regimes around the world. You know, all of those foreign countries that used to hate America for its imperialism of defending and spreading democracy wherever it could.

America is loved now that Obama has become President and is actively working to destroy free democracies wherever they exist in the world. Honduras is a perfect example of Obama’s utter hate for free democracies and the rule of law they represent.

Obama’s State Department under the leadership of the hate American Democracy Hillary Clinton has puked out the newest destroy democracy love by proclaiming all future free elections in Honduras to be declared void by the US (talk about imperialism) after the in your face obviously fake Iranian, Venezuelan, Ecuadorian, and soon to be Afghanistan election being accepted by Obama’s hate America cabal as legit. Obama, just like Jimmy “the doofus” Carter, has already proved he never met a socialist, fascist, or Marxist dictator/despot/totalitarian he doesn’t love including the want to be Chavez appointed dictator of Honduras Zelaya.

Americans can now be proud of their country again, Democracy is being destroyed around the world and at home. You will soon feel the love, it comes with a full metal jacket right in the heart.


September 9, 2009 - Posted by | America, Congress, Executive, Government, Judicial, Politics

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