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Democrat Party Hate, Alinsky Style

Regardless of what one may believe, if it doesn’t include elevating Obama upon a pedestal to be worshiped, the Democratic Party, Democratic political hags and thugs in the US Congress, and the Obamamedia (DNC + sycophants) have created some hate filled Alinsky tactics name calling in which to label you:

I would be labeled by the DNC + sycophants a “racist” because I call, write, and email my Congressmen about how much I dislike Obama’s policies and Congress’ proposed and passed legislation that I believe will lead to the destruction and bankruptcy of America. It doesn’t seem to matter to the DNC + sycophant name callers that my two rich white senators and one rich white representative and one half rich white Obama equals 87.5% rich white guys and 12.5% rich black guy, in the DNC + sycophant’s eyes I am still a 100% racist.

But wait; I like the RNC chairman M Steele and from what I know and believe Steele is a 100% black man; so, I can’t be a racist can I?

Not to worry Alinsky boot lickers, the DNC + sycophants have that covered. They just call me a right wing Nazi terrorist, crazed thug that should be interrogated by the government’s  Gestapo police, astroturf, or tea-bagger (If I were gay, I would be seriously upset at the DNC + sycophant’s use of this term to label anyone.)

So, all of you America lovers and patriots out there, just shut up and drink the DNC + sycophant’s Kool-Aid or prepare to be slimed with hate filled labels by the Obama Democratic slime cabal of America haters.


September 19, 2009 - Posted by | America, Congress, Executive, General, Government, Media, Politics

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