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Republicans Blamed For All Democratic Evil, Corruption, Deceit, and Lies

Just a couple of points for illustration:

Remember in 2008, during the election campaign, the stupidity of the National Democratic Party refusing to accept Florida’s and Michigan’s Delegates because these two states moved their primary elections up in time. This, of course, led to a great big problem for the Democratic Party.

No problem for the Democrats though, they just resorted to the same lies and deceit they always fall back upon when their idiotic ideas and terrible legislation does what is inevitable and blows up in their faces—they blame the Republicans. The Democrats blamed the Republicans in Florida for the primary being moved up; never mind the fact that the bill to move the Democratic Primary up was brought to the Florida Legislature by the Democrats and never mind the fact that 100% of the Democrats in the Florida Legislature voted for the Bill and never mind that only a handful of Republicans voted for the Bill—it was those evil Republicans in Florida that caused the problem.

Now, the Democrats are preemptively blaming the Republicans for the inevitable early deaths of millions of elderly Americans the misnamed Democratic Healthcare Bill will produce. If the Democrats could get at least one RINO (Snowe) to vote for the Bill they would not need to preemptively blame the Republicans as that alone would give the Democrats their normal whipping boy to blame.

With the prospect that not even one RINO will jump on the Democratic sword they sent Alan Grayson (D-FL8) to the floor of the house to claim that its the Republicans that want the elderly to have an early death; thus, setting up the pretext that when the Democrats Healthcare Bill inevitably results in the early deaths of America’s elderly (less money for Medicare=less healthcare=early deaths) the Democrats will have everything already set up to just blame it on the Republicans.

And don’t forget how the Democrats always get away with their evil, corruption, deceit, and lies…the evil, corrupt, deceitful, and lying news media.


October 5, 2009 - Posted by | America, Congress, Education, Executive, General, Government, Healthcare, Media, Politics

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