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O’Reilly Praises Himself…Again

O’Reilly continues his narcissistic ways by admitting his interrupting the RNC Convention with O’Reilly’s and Obama’s obvious attempt to upstage Sara Palin with “the greatest interview ever of Obama” during the formal announcement and acceptance speech by Palin as McCain’s VP helped to get Obama elected.

The following is from O’Reilly’s website in “Quote Of The Day”:

"Judging from my mail, we have been fair to President Obama–both conservative and liberal viewers hammer me. Now if I have been unfair to the president, I challenge anyone to demonstrate that. …My interview with Barack Obama in September of 2008 was the toughest one the president has ever done, but even the White House acknowledges it was a fair deal. It actually helped Barack Obama, as millions of people all over the world saw him accept and answer tough questions."
Bill O’Reilly on the October 12 edition of The O’Reilly Factor

Sorry O’Reilly, not even the largest two narcissistic personalities of our time like yourself and Obama could upstage Palin.


October 13, 2009 - Posted by | America, General, Government, Media, Politics

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