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When Will Anyone Investigate?

When will someone, anyone, investigate just who is Obama?

After fourteen months, it is obvious to anyone not an Obama boot licker that if anyone knows who Obama really is they aren’t telling and millions have been spent to keep everyone quiet or to fight inquires in the courts…why.

There are so many questions and almost zero answers, such as:

-Why no one at Columbia remembers ever being in the same class as Obama. You would think all his pals and acquaintances would have come out of the woodwork when he got himself elected POTUS—that’s better than winning the lottery, right.

-As all the MSM sycophants and other elites profess that Obama is the smartest man to ever live will Obama not release his Harvard transcripts?

-Speaking of Harvard, if Obama was ever the head of the Harvard Law Review did nothing Obama ever write, if he actually did ever write anything, ever get published in the Review as required by all heads.

-Why has all of Obama’s passports been and remain hidden?

-Why has Obama had twenty seven different social security Numbers assigned to at least three different names.

-Just what was wrong with Obama’s Law Board Application that made him give up his right to practice law by surrendering his right to practice.

-Why did the MSM promote Obama as a Law Professor when in fact Obama was never a Law Professor. (Obama was given a token position for political purposes only.)

-Who really wrote Obama’s books?

-How did a guy who has never done anything of any consequence in his life get so much big money and promotion behind his elections–strings pulled to get Obama elected in Illinois and then POTUS—just who is behind all this…really, Obama is not smart enough and certainly is too lazy to have done it without a group of really big wigs pulling the strings for him.

-Lets face it, Obama has broken all of his campaign promises except the off the cuff “share the wealth” comment and a fifth grader can tell everything Obama says in his almost too many to count speeches are nothing but mountains of lies and deceit. Why is the MSM not paying any attention to these lies and deceit and instead promoting propaganda that backs up the lies and deception or simply lies themselves.

Well, here are just ten of the many questions that no one wants to or will not for some reason answer…WHY NOT is the real question that needs to be answered!


April 2, 2010 - Posted by | Congress, Executive, Government, Judicial, Politics

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