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Obama’s Delusion!

Obama, having won the 2008 Presidential election not only felt his “fundamentally change America” as a process to be implemented; but, Obama felt his election to POTUS cemented the “fundamentally change America” from that point on. Remember Obama’s “5 days left to fundamentally change America” speech. In Obama’s mind, America was instantly transformed into a Marxist Nation State Polity upon his election to POTUS. That is why Obama says such stupid things as “The GOP will have to learn to work with me.” You see, Obama thinks he himself “is” now America, everything and everyone else must serve him, or they are un-American.

Can there be any wonder why Obama is now opposed by the majority “right of center” America? A majority of the voters may have been gullible enough to be fooled into voting for this blank slate candidate because they projected their own wants and desires into his speeches. If the voters had listened to Obama’s words, instead of their “fill in the blank” projection, they would have realized that Obama was and is delusional in a narcissistic demigod sort of way. So, Obama and his flock demonizes and condemns the American people and organizations that say; “wait just a darned minute”, you and your ways are not American, as anti-American. Because, in Obama’s delusion, Marxist America was instantly implemented upon his “we won” moment. In Obama’s eyes, America is now his America and everyone else must conform to his Marxist America or they are now un-American.

Obama had a lot of help in deceiving the voters; everyone in the World’s Print Media, TV, Hollywood, Universities, Unions, Foreign Donors, Marketing circles, the Arts, and even Obama’s opponent McCain’s wimpy excuse for a campaign propelled Obama to victory. How could all of these supposedly intelligent people in these institutions have been fooled by Obama? They weren’t fooled by Obama, they are Obama sycophants that helped Obama fool the American people because they share Obama’s delusion of a Marxist America. In these sycophants continuing effort to cement the new Marxist America, these same sycophants join in the chant that anything anti-Obama is anti-American. The Obama sycophants’ name calling and demonizing has gotten grossly out of hand and is intentioned to destroy anything left of the America pre-Obama.

Conservatives being elected this November 2, will be a start back to pre-Obama America; but, only a start as the new Obama Marxist America will still be under Obama’s control and Obama and his sycophants will be ranting even louder in their name calling and demonizing of pre-Obama Americans.


October 16, 2010 - Posted by | America, Congress, Education, Executive, Judicial, Media, Politics, Racial Bias

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  1. If Republicans take Congress in November, they can (I think), filibuster or veto every thing Obama proposes, unless he ignores the Constitution (again).

    Comment by smcgamer | October 16, 2010 | Reply

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