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Green…Money Machine!

One thing cannot be disputed; the only thing the green movement produces is tons of cash for what amounts to members of the Democrat Party. First, the green movement has and will continue to fill the DNC’s and Democrat Politicians election coffers. Second, the green movement will continue to steal as much of the assets of the middle class as they can steal by causing energy rates to “necessarily skyrocket” and designating private and public property as off limits to exploration and development. Green also reduces America’s independence from foreign sources of energy by preventing the exploration and use of our own domestic energy resources; that are, by the way, plentiful and comparatively very cheap. Green idiots would rather put people out of work here at home and send vast amounts of our money to foreign sources of cheap energy producing Nations creating large trade deficits and huge amounts of money to fill the coffers of foreigners “that don’t like us very much”.

This Green Movement; the movement of resources to the Democrat Party, the movement of America’s assets to foreign Regimes, and the movement of America’s citizens to servants to the State, must be stopped immediately!


February 26, 2011 - Posted by | America, Congress, Education, Environment, Executive, Government, Judicial, Media, Politics

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