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Default Was and Is Pure BS

Why, oh why, does everyone use the term default to describe the debt ceiling debate? Their never was any possibility of the US defaulting on our debt…never! As to the debt ceiling not getting raised, the POTUS would then have had to decide just what he would then be forced to cut from his wasteful Agency/policy spending.

The debt by law would be first to be paid…period…therefore, no default was ever possible. The default term was used by supporters of big governments’ big spending to their sycophant big crony capitalists to scare the people into believing yet another leftist outright lie. Same for the rating Agency threat of a downgrade which was an added scare tactic. After servicing the debt, Obama would have to choose what to pay for or cut. Anyone not completely insane would know Obama would never not pay SS, Military, disabled, Medicare, or Medicaid as he threatened. Obama only cares about his reelection. So, Obama would have had to cut his pet projects that are destroying our Nation by imposing draconian regulation and control over everything and everyone in the Country.

That would have been a good thing for the people, not a bad thing! But it would have been very bad for Obama’s reelection. By raising the debt ceiling, the business in DC continues as usual and Obama wins big in his now guaranteed funding of his reelection.

One thing the R’s did accomplish, although small as a super committee will decide the real outcome for the R’s, is that for the first time in decades the D’s didn’t get the R’s to cave in and give them everything they demanded up front…and that is why the D’s are angrily spewing hate at the TP for forcing at least some R’s to stand firm on principles denying at least some of the D’s immediate demands. In short, the TP forced the D’s to do something they never ever do and detest with a passion–compromise with the R’s.


August 3, 2011 - Posted by | America, Congress, Executive, Government, Judicial, Politics

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