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Romney’s Leftism

Romney is the most radical leftist running in the Republican Party primaries but has been deemed by the Republican Party establishment and is currently polled as the candidate to win the GOP nomination. Why!

Romney is in favor of and/or implemented as Governor of Massachusetts:

  • Romneycare—State forced health care regulation, insurance mandates
  • AGW promoter—instituted CO2 regulations (Caps on emissions and prices) on his State’s Power producers
  • Big Government price controls
  • Pro Gun Control
  • Pro Choice—pro abortion on demand—Pro Planned Parenthood
  • Pro TARP—pro bailouts of Wall Street, Banks, Hedge Funds, To Big to Fail Businesses, etc.
  • Raised Taxes in Massachusetts
  • Destroyed Jobs in Massachusetts
  • Pro Illegal Immigration—Sanctuary Cities—Pro Amnesty for Illegals
  • Pro sustainable development—Agenda 21—smart meters—etc.

So tell me why the Republican big money elites and leadership establishment in the Republican Party are pushing for Romney, an obvious radical Marxist at worst and radical leftist at best, to be the Republican standard bearer (nominee) to run against Obama in the 2012 elections? The Republican Party leadership establishment has and is continuing to destroy the Republican Party from within and committing treason against the Republican Party membership by already declaring Romney as the only viable choice. Nominating Romney to be the Republican Party candidate against Obama leaves the American Electorate once again with a choice of voting for the lesser of two evils. If Romney is nominated it continues, regardless of which Party wins, a situation guaranteeing no change from the current Big Government destructive path America is racing down.

It is apparent that the only difference between the Democrat Party Leadership and the Republican Party Leadership is in the of degree encompassing radical leftism both Parties’ Leadership have now embraced.


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