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The “Super Committee” Joke

The Democrats get the last laugh as the Republicans put themselves squarely into a corner by imposing the Committee to Hell along with the partisan Democrats bipartisanship. The Democrats are smart enough to not just get out of the way but help the Republicans out when the Republicans are trying as hard as they can to screw themselves. The “Super Committee” is but one example but an extremely potent example.

In 2010, the Republicans took control of the House by a large margin. I can only say to this that the Republicans have been running scared silly ever since. The invention of the Democrats on the “Debt Default” involving the Debt Limit Debate was a masterpiece as the Politicians on both sides of the isle jumped on that bandwagon to champion increasing the debt. The Republicans came up with this “Super Committee” plan to help save them from their having to say no to raising the Debt Ceiling by giving them cover with supposed future debt reduction fantasies by this “Super Committee.

The joke on the Republicans is simply this: If the Republicans do not agree to impose high new and increased taxes on the people then America’s Military gets gutted. Two things the Democrats could only hope to dream could ever happen. Leave alone that the House usurped their authority and willingly gave up the advantage they gained in the 2010, elections to a 50-50 Dem-Rep “Super Committee,” but they basically agreed to raise taxes now for some more future fictional cuts in spending or the Military gets gutted.

If the Republicans refuse to raise taxes, what the Democrats have wanted all along, then the Military gets gutted, also what the Democrats have wanted all along. There is no win for the Republicans and only wins for the Democrats that could come out of this “Super Committee” plan. The Democrats also get the political win by getting to blame the Republicans for not compromising on the further destruction of America, increasing taxes or causing the defense of America to be gutted…those terrible Republicans are killing everything in site again.

One has to wonder just how dumb the Republican Leadership is to have imposed this worst idea in Congressional history, the “Super Committee",” upon themselves in what is becoming increasingly evident but a veiled attempt by the Republicans to hide just how alike they are with the Democrats when it comes to growing the “Big Government” idea thru more than stupid Republican policies. The Democrats are rolling in the isles laughing at the Joker Republicans once again shooting down the Republican base by giving the Democrats a win-win-win “Super Committee” scenario designed by the Republican Leadership to impose a loose-loose-loose Conservative Republican scenario.


November 6, 2011 - Posted by | America, Congress, Executive, Government, Judicial, Media, Politics

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