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Virginia Primaries?

I live in Virginia (VA) and do vote in the primaries. Thanks to several Gingrich campaign organizational blunders, VA voters will only have two names on the ballot from which to choose the next Republican (R) for the 2012 Presidential race, Romney and Paul. Since Romney is a Big Government Socialist R and Paul is a small Government Libertarian R, the choice is clear (at least for me). Who are you going to vote for, the Big Government Socialist or the small Government Libertarian.

This should be a very easy call to make; but, the R insider establishment elites are funding and promoting the Big Government Socialist Romney in the Primary. Heck, even Bill Bolling (VA Lt. Governor) is the Big Government Socialist Romney’s VA campaign manager. It has been reported by many R leaning rags that after Gingrich took the lead in the R nomination polls, the R insider establishment elites started flooding money contributions into Romney’s campaign coffers giving Romney’s funding fourth quarter his best fund raising quarter for the 2011 year.

If anyone cannot see the writing on the wall as to why America is free falling straight to Hell, it is way past time to open your eyes. We, the American people, are being set up big time to take a gigantic fall and it has nothing to do with Party Politics as both Political Parties are pushing the same destruction onto America in the form of Big Government stealing our wealth and freedoms.

If the Republicans get their pick to run against Obama in the 2012 election Romney, the County’s people will be facing an even worse choice in voting than VA voters will face in the VA Primary. The 2012 election is looking more and more like the American people will be given a choice between the Big Government Socialist Romney or keep the Big Government Marxist Obama. Get it! Either way, the Big Government elites in both Parties win and the American people loose. Like I said; wake up, open your eyes. We, the American people, are getting screwed over by both Political Parties.


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