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Will We Ever Get A Change We Can Believe In

The more I witness the 2012 Presidential election process the more I get frustrated at the Political Process. This leads to more wondering, regardless of which Party (R or D) wins in 2012, what if anything will really change? Then I think of all of those Marxist Obumbo Czars and think yes, if Republicans win they will all be gone and a lot will change–specifically big spending (crony capitalism) dictatorial mandated regulations.

Then I think about who will replace them and the answer isn’t very consoling.

These Marxists controlled Democrat Czars will get replaced with big government Republican bureaucrats that mostly align with liberal attitudes of big spending (crony capitalism) dictatorial mandated regulations. The exception would be if Paul were to get elected but neither Political Party will ever allow that as that would really be an atmosphere of "hope and change" that neither Party ever really wants outside of the candidates’ rhetorical gestures (lies).

So, the names on the doors inside the buildings will change if a Republican gets elected but the names of the buildings will stay the same. Is that really change anyone should or even could believe in?


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