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Northeast Democrat and Republican Marauders

It should be apparent, but obviously isn’t, that as the NE in olden years raped, murdered, killed, and pillaged their way from village to village across England, it took a strong leader to band together enough people to inflict some hardship on the NE marauders. As is typical of marauders, when the going gets tough they run home with their tails between their legs. America has been under attack by marauders for at least a Century and both the Democrats and Republicans have been going from city to city raping, murdering, killing, and pillaging the people of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Will a leader emerge strong enough to put up any resistance to these D and R marauders? Paul himself, in the last debate, said his regret in the campaign was he wished he could articulate his message better because the message was so immensely important to America’s survival (I paraphrased this.) I also regret the Paul message/warning is not getting more popular support but in a two Party system designed for the two Parties to fight not for Liberty for the people, but for the control over the spoils left by the marauders of the most prosperous form of Government ever in World History–America’s Constitutional Republic.


January 23, 2012 - Posted by | America, Congress, Executive, Government, Judicial, Media, Politics

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