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No Longer a Constitutional Republic

With the past Century of creeping Marxism into and upon the American experiment, formally establishing self rule and independent States incorporated into one centralized representational limited government we knew as our Constitutional Republic, America has finally succumbed under the weight and power of a central Government that abandoned its limited powers in favor of totalitarian central power made possible by Legislating the Constitutional Republic defunct and Legislating top down controls relegating the States and eventually individuals to dependents of and upon a Marxist central Government.

This processes that rendered the Constitutional Republic defunct were many. Some of the most obvious are the usual suspects such as those human traits of self indulgence, power, control, laziness, child like dependence, group think, greed, envy, covet, and need, along with the most illogical in terms of self determination and preservation: gullibility, trust, fantasy, wishes, love, hate, desire, satisfaction, status, feelings, acceptance, pretense, and presence.

The question arises why people would choose to replace a Constitutional Republic established for the sole purpose of preserving individual self determination, freedom, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for one where Marxism will control every aspect of one’s life including even one’s right to life itself. The only answer possible is that the latter, Marxism, appears a more beneficial choice. How could anyone ever choose for others to control every aspect of their life even to the point of their very existence over their self determination? That answer lies among the many human traits in paragraph two. Not every one chooses to be controlled, i.e. enslaved, for the same reason or comes to that point of acceptance for the same reasons. For many, completely oblivious to their surroundings, others choose for them.

Many sit on the sidelines saying silly things like; that can’t happen here, this is America. It is exactly that type of willful blindness and denial that allows exactly what they believe to be impossible to happen to not only be possible but most assuredly guarantees what they believe can’t happen will happen. An example would be the belief that genocide can’t happen in America. It not only can happen it is happening now. Sixty plus Million unborn children have been murdered in the womb since the wrongly decided Roe v Wade Supreme Court Case in 1973. A lot of people have been conditioned to accept these murders as if taking a pill for a cold. If The Affordable Care Act—an utter deceptive lie of a misnomer—is implemented in its entirety, the weak, the poor, and the elderly will all die premature deaths at the Government’s hand by withholding monies for adequate care and/or neglect specifically because their burden on society will be deemed too great a cost to a productive society lorded over by a powerful Marxist central Government. These deaths too will be considered nothing more than taking a pill for a cold—a necessary evil for the “greater good” of the enslaved productive masses. Think about that. Just who are these “greater good” productive masses benefiting if not the Government that dictates over them and keeps them enslaved. How are more people serving a bigger and stronger Central Government, even by dying early as to not be a burden, a “greater good” for anyone not serving within that central Government?

Does the Power of a Central Government take the position of a life boat and eventually decides who are expendable. Are the people really willing to put themselves in that life boat while standing on solid ground? Soon we will all be forced onto the Ship of State that inevitably will become just another Titanic. There is still a choice. People could choose to not board that Ship. I don’t hold out much hope for that as that Cruise sure does look and sound like a great big party of fun times ahead to be had by all. And note at least one certainty, in these modern times that old chivalry thing about women and children first is long forgotten. As the Ship of State crashes into that unseen in the fog iceberg, it will be the elite Government officials and their elite buddies taking up all of any available life boat seats.

Note: This entire post could have been said in one sentence: Anyone not directly benefiting the Government is from this point forward expendable!


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