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Obumbo-Marxist Dictator

The R candidates say they will repeal Obumbocare on day one but… The facts are Obumbocare cannot be repealed by any POTUS unless that POTUS becomes as Obumbo–a defacto King dictating policy. Overturning Obumbocare would require substantial increases in both houses of Congress to even begin to dream about overturning Obumbocare. The Senate would not only require a minimum of 15 new Rs elected in 2012 to replace Ds but many incumbent Rs would need to be replaced by conservative Rs and all Rs would then necessarily need to stick together; none of the preceding will happen. So the bluster by the R candidates over repealing Obumbocare is pure fiction unless they are to be exactly what they hope to replace, a dictatorial King.

The “individual mandate” of the Obumbocare (PPACA) is to be decided by the Supreme Court (SC) but that is merely a thorn for this POTUS if the SC decides the “individual mandate” unconstitutional as Obumbo could/would just issue another accommodation dictate to the now non-private but Government run and mandated free care provider “insurance companies” as in the “religious non-accommodation” on Religious Conscience mandated free contraceptives/abortifacients.


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