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Obumbo-Marxist Dictator

The R candidates say they will repeal Obumbocare on day one but… The facts are Obumbocare cannot be repealed by any POTUS unless that POTUS becomes as Obumbo–a defacto King dictating policy. Overturning Obumbocare would require substantial increases in both houses of Congress to even begin to dream about overturning Obumbocare. The Senate would not only require a minimum of 15 new Rs elected in 2012 to replace Ds but many incumbent Rs would need to be replaced by conservative Rs and all Rs would then necessarily need to stick together; none of the preceding will happen. So the bluster by the R candidates over repealing Obumbocare is pure fiction unless they are to be exactly what they hope to replace, a dictatorial King.

The “individual mandate” of the Obumbocare (PPACA) is to be decided by the Supreme Court (SC) but that is merely a thorn for this POTUS if the SC decides the “individual mandate” unconstitutional as Obumbo could/would just issue another accommodation dictate to the now non-private but Government run and mandated free care provider “insurance companies” as in the “religious non-accommodation” on Religious Conscience mandated free contraceptives/abortifacients.


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No Longer a Constitutional Republic

With the past Century of creeping Marxism into and upon the American experiment, formally establishing self rule and independent States incorporated into one centralized representational limited government we knew as our Constitutional Republic, America has finally succumbed under the weight and power of a central Government that abandoned its limited powers in favor of totalitarian central power made possible by Legislating the Constitutional Republic defunct and Legislating top down controls relegating the States and eventually individuals to dependents of and upon a Marxist central Government.

This processes that rendered the Constitutional Republic defunct were many. Some of the most obvious are the usual suspects such as those human traits of self indulgence, power, control, laziness, child like dependence, group think, greed, envy, covet, and need, along with the most illogical in terms of self determination and preservation: gullibility, trust, fantasy, wishes, love, hate, desire, satisfaction, status, feelings, acceptance, pretense, and presence.

The question arises why people would choose to replace a Constitutional Republic established for the sole purpose of preserving individual self determination, freedom, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for one where Marxism will control every aspect of one’s life including even one’s right to life itself. The only answer possible is that the latter, Marxism, appears a more beneficial choice. How could anyone ever choose for others to control every aspect of their life even to the point of their very existence over their self determination? That answer lies among the many human traits in paragraph two. Not every one chooses to be controlled, i.e. enslaved, for the same reason or comes to that point of acceptance for the same reasons. For many, completely oblivious to their surroundings, others choose for them.

Many sit on the sidelines saying silly things like; that can’t happen here, this is America. It is exactly that type of willful blindness and denial that allows exactly what they believe to be impossible to happen to not only be possible but most assuredly guarantees what they believe can’t happen will happen. An example would be the belief that genocide can’t happen in America. It not only can happen it is happening now. Sixty plus Million unborn children have been murdered in the womb since the wrongly decided Roe v Wade Supreme Court Case in 1973. A lot of people have been conditioned to accept these murders as if taking a pill for a cold. If The Affordable Care Act—an utter deceptive lie of a misnomer—is implemented in its entirety, the weak, the poor, and the elderly will all die premature deaths at the Government’s hand by withholding monies for adequate care and/or neglect specifically because their burden on society will be deemed too great a cost to a productive society lorded over by a powerful Marxist central Government. These deaths too will be considered nothing more than taking a pill for a cold—a necessary evil for the “greater good” of the enslaved productive masses. Think about that. Just who are these “greater good” productive masses benefiting if not the Government that dictates over them and keeps them enslaved. How are more people serving a bigger and stronger Central Government, even by dying early as to not be a burden, a “greater good” for anyone not serving within that central Government?

Does the Power of a Central Government take the position of a life boat and eventually decides who are expendable. Are the people really willing to put themselves in that life boat while standing on solid ground? Soon we will all be forced onto the Ship of State that inevitably will become just another Titanic. There is still a choice. People could choose to not board that Ship. I don’t hold out much hope for that as that Cruise sure does look and sound like a great big party of fun times ahead to be had by all. And note at least one certainty, in these modern times that old chivalry thing about women and children first is long forgotten. As the Ship of State crashes into that unseen in the fog iceberg, it will be the elite Government officials and their elite buddies taking up all of any available life boat seats.

Note: This entire post could have been said in one sentence: Anyone not directly benefiting the Government is from this point forward expendable!

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Romney’s Leftism

Romney is the most radical leftist running in the Republican Party primaries but has been deemed by the Republican Party establishment and is currently polled as the candidate to win the GOP nomination. Why!

Romney is in favor of and/or implemented as Governor of Massachusetts:

  • Romneycare—State forced health care regulation, insurance mandates
  • AGW promoter—instituted CO2 regulations (Caps on emissions and prices) on his State’s Power producers
  • Big Government price controls
  • Pro Gun Control
  • Pro Choice—pro abortion on demand—Pro Planned Parenthood
  • Pro TARP—pro bailouts of Wall Street, Banks, Hedge Funds, To Big to Fail Businesses, etc.
  • Raised Taxes in Massachusetts
  • Destroyed Jobs in Massachusetts
  • Pro Illegal Immigration—Sanctuary Cities—Pro Amnesty for Illegals
  • Pro sustainable development—Agenda 21—smart meters—etc.

So tell me why the Republican big money elites and leadership establishment in the Republican Party are pushing for Romney, an obvious radical Marxist at worst and radical leftist at best, to be the Republican standard bearer (nominee) to run against Obama in the 2012 elections? The Republican Party leadership establishment has and is continuing to destroy the Republican Party from within and committing treason against the Republican Party membership by already declaring Romney as the only viable choice. Nominating Romney to be the Republican Party candidate against Obama leaves the American Electorate once again with a choice of voting for the lesser of two evils. If Romney is nominated it continues, regardless of which Party wins, a situation guaranteeing no change from the current Big Government destructive path America is racing down.

It is apparent that the only difference between the Democrat Party Leadership and the Republican Party Leadership is in the of degree encompassing radical leftism both Parties’ Leadership have now embraced.

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Government Lies Lead to Enslavement!

In the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, when faced with the impending attack by Ten Bears, a Comanche War Chief, Wales tells his group; “When the going gets bad and it looks like you won’t make it. You have to get mean. I mean mad dog mean; because, if you loose your head and give up, you neither win or live. That’s just the way it is.”

If you think Governments today are any different than the one Wales and the Indians dealt with post Civil War, you are living in a fantasy world. Why was Ten Bears warring with the U.S.? Simply because he had been told so many lies by the U.S. Government he finally took a stand and refused to accept any more of the lies. Why was Wales on the run, because he was labeled an outlaw by a then Nebraska Senator paying and directing the Army to round up and kill those refusing submit. All of this was less than 150 years ago; the Civil War ended in 1865. How close the Movie Industry stayed to historical fact is not relevant to the fact that the Indians were moved again, and again, and again, and finally put on reservations that got moved or their boundary’s changed several times; or the fact that the North was not very good to the South after the war ended.

Today the American people are facing a similar situation. The only difference is the present conflict is between a Government that wants total dictatorial control over all of it’s people and the freedom loving individualism our Founders instilled in people that want America to stay a free Constitutional Republic. At present, the people have the numbers as witnessed by the 2010 elections. But, the present U.S. Government tyrants have total control of all the positions of Government Power, the Media, the Press, the education of our children, peoples’ healthcare, energy production, Banks, directly or indirectly all of the U.S. Industrial base, farming, and many other segments of our society and moving to take over energy production, food supplies, and the Internet.

Some will say the Republicans now having taken back the House of Representatives can help stop this “Big Government” onslaught. But, if you are counting on these Republican wimps that want and like “Big Government” to stop or slow down the tyranny you are a fool. We the people are the only thing standing between the Constitutional freedom of the people and “Big Government” slavery over all the people.

As Wales told his group facing the fight for survival. If we, the American people, lose our heads and give up; we neither win or live. That’s just the way it is, has always been, and will always be. Keep your heads and continue the fight for freedom; is there really any other choice?

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Why have the Demorats

taken the “c”

out of their name?

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Democrats’ Lies




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A great Cartoon by Chuck Asay

Political Cartoons by Chuck Asay

From townhall.com

This cartoon is so to the point it should be seen by all.

Congrats to Chuck Asay for the best cartoon ever and so true it reads like a 1000 page spending ($14T+ debt), or 2000 page Obamacare (death panels) or 2000 page Cap and Trade (hidden massive tax on the middle class).

Will the Republicans save the Democrats by throwing them a lifeline?

I wouldn’t count the stupidity of the Republican establishment out of another stupid bailout move.

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Email to Senator Jim Webb (VA)

In your recent email (copy added below) you put forth what you call necessary elements for a good healthcare bill and your attempt to better this disaster of a bill.

Well, by your own words (I hope I can take you for your word.), you cannot vote for this misnomer healthcare reform monster called the Senate Healthcare Reform Bill (Harry’s re-election is doomed in Nevada).

And the deceptive ploy of voting for cloture and then voting against passage to cover your rear will not work…the people are paying attention and political tricks are one of the worst things you could do and will doom any political career you may have hoped for (did you hear about the VA/NJ 2009 elections–political tricks and Obama doomed the Dem candidates across the board–don’t jump on your sword).

And don’t forget, this healthcare monster takes effect in late 2013 or early 2014, just in time to doom your re-election.

Being a Vietnam Veteran myself and not any Party’s hack, I want to support you, please don’t give me a reason not to.

John Eyster
Wise, VA


Copy of Webb’s response to an earlier email I sent him:

“December 15, 2009

Mr. Eyster,John

Dear Mr. Eyster:

Knowing of your interest in the ongoing debate in Congress over health care reform, I wanted to update you on a number of votes and positions that I have taken during the process.

Together with 60 of my colleagues, I voted in favor of proceeding to debate the proposed health care reform legislation. I have yet to decide whether I will support final passage of the bill.

I have stated on several occasions my concerns that the Obama administration should have begun the health care process with a clear, detailed proposal, from which legislation could then be put into place. Instead, the legislation now before the Congress is the product of five separate congressional committees, three in the House and two in the Senate. I and my staff have carefully worked through thousands of pages of sometimes contradictory information, and have done our best to bring focus to the debate and clarity to any final product.

Our country needs health care reform. While a strong percentage of Americans are satisfied with their health care, the system is not working for millions of others. Spiraling costs for health care also have placed our biggest industries at a severe competitive disadvantage worldwide, and have become unsustainable for many small businesses.

But true reform must be done in an effective and responsible fashion, without creating a cumbersome, overly-bureaucratic system. The bottom line should be to achieve a more cost-effective health care system that increases accessibility, affordability, and quality of care, and which does not burden our economy along the way.

The process also requires openness, so that the American people understand exactly what is being debated. At the start of this debate I was one of eight Senators who called on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to post the text and complete budget scores of the health care bill on a public website for review at least 72 hours prior to both the first vote and final passage. This request was agreed to, affording proper transparency in the process.

Over the past few weeks, I have taken a number of difficult votes. As with every other issue since I came to the Senate I have voted my conscience throughout this process. I have broken with my party six times, including four votes to send the current legislation back to committee for a more thorough review. I voted five times against proposed cuts to Medicare due to my concerns about taking half a trillion dollars out of that system at a time when the pool for Medicare is about to expand with the retirement of those in the Baby Boom generation. I am a long-time supporter of Medicare Advantage programs which have, in my view, improved services in rural areas of Virginia, and I did not want to see cuts to benefits or services.

On the issue of abortion, I studied the bill closely to ensure that no taxpayer dollars will be used to fund abortions. I am convinced that this legislation strictly adheres to the requirements of the Hyde Amendment. It also includes clear conscience provisions for providers and consumers who elect to reject a plan that offers such coverage.

Since drug prices in the U.S. have risen dramatically in recent years�a 9% jump in 2009 alone�I have cosponsored an amendment to lower prescription drug costs. The measure would allow Americans to safely import lower-priced, Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs from other approved countries, and save the federal government nearly $20 billion over the next ten years.

In summary, I have been working actively to improve the health care reform bill for the good of our country and without bowing to party politics. As we continue to debate the bill and amend it, I remain hopeful that the Senate can reach consensus on fair and effective health care legislation. Whether this is so will determine my vote on final passage.

As the Senate continues to debate health care reform, please be assured that your views will be very helpful to me and my staff. I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with us in the years ahead.

Thank you again for your interest in this important matter.


Jim Webb
United States Senator


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Republicans Blamed For All Democratic Evil, Corruption, Deceit, and Lies

Just a couple of points for illustration:

Remember in 2008, during the election campaign, the stupidity of the National Democratic Party refusing to accept Florida’s and Michigan’s Delegates because these two states moved their primary elections up in time. This, of course, led to a great big problem for the Democratic Party.

No problem for the Democrats though, they just resorted to the same lies and deceit they always fall back upon when their idiotic ideas and terrible legislation does what is inevitable and blows up in their faces—they blame the Republicans. The Democrats blamed the Republicans in Florida for the primary being moved up; never mind the fact that the bill to move the Democratic Primary up was brought to the Florida Legislature by the Democrats and never mind the fact that 100% of the Democrats in the Florida Legislature voted for the Bill and never mind that only a handful of Republicans voted for the Bill—it was those evil Republicans in Florida that caused the problem.

Now, the Democrats are preemptively blaming the Republicans for the inevitable early deaths of millions of elderly Americans the misnamed Democratic Healthcare Bill will produce. If the Democrats could get at least one RINO (Snowe) to vote for the Bill they would not need to preemptively blame the Republicans as that alone would give the Democrats their normal whipping boy to blame.

With the prospect that not even one RINO will jump on the Democratic sword they sent Alan Grayson (D-FL8) to the floor of the house to claim that its the Republicans that want the elderly to have an early death; thus, setting up the pretext that when the Democrats Healthcare Bill inevitably results in the early deaths of America’s elderly (less money for Medicare=less healthcare=early deaths) the Democrats will have everything already set up to just blame it on the Republicans.

And don’t forget how the Democrats always get away with their evil, corruption, deceit, and lies…the evil, corrupt, deceitful, and lying news media.

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