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How safe is your wallet?

Hold on to your wallets, we are being played big time…again. When Pelosi says she welcomes the new austerity you can bet the house your clock is being cleaned…again. When Reid says the D’s gave the R’s everything they wanted you can bet the senate you are being fleeced…yet again.

The base line is 1.6T deficits per year basically forever (until the money runs out). 3, 4, or 5 T in promised cuts over ten years is 0.3, 0.4, or 0.5 T in cuts per year. That’s 1.3T, 1.2T, or 1.1T in new deficit spending forever (until the money runs out). The average deficit per year for the 8 years of Bush II was 0.223T and the D’s screamed bloody murder at how Bush II was destroying the country (full disclosure: I agreed). Under Obama’s 2.5 years the average yearly deficit is 1.6T+ (1.6T=1,600,000,000,000) and counting as well as every future year deficits for as far as the eye can see and the D’s think that’s not only hunky dory but not enough spending and the Media/Press agree. For the public educated and HS drop outs Obama’s 1.6T average yearly deficit (1.6T times 3 years = 4.8T added to Nations debt so far under Obama’s term) is over 7 times larger than Bush II’s 0.223 average yearly deficit (0.223T times 8 years = 1.784T added to Nations debt under Bush II’s two terms)( You could just think of it as comparing the size of Obama’s basketball to the size of Bush’s baseball.).

On top of this the Fed, since TARP under Bush II and a D Congress in 2008-2010, and now Obama and a split Congress in 2011, has loaned the Worlds banks 16T of America’s future $ in an effort to prop up the World’s economy. (note:These are mostly short term and lots have been paid back and loaned again. Kind of like limiting out your credit card, paying it off and then limiting out again over and over.) A lot of this 16T is in US Treasuries keeping US afloat. Basically the World is using the "full faith and credit of the US" to prop up the "full faith and credit of the US" to prevent the World from collapsing into a red hole. It would be really nice to own a family farm right about now for survival purposes but even that would be subject to takeover for the common good. Remember Castro shooting all of the farm owners after the Revolution in Cuba and Stalin confiscating all private farms and turning them into collectives resulting in ten’s of millions starving. My question: How long before the US checks start bouncing (Banks refusing to accept them. The money runs out.)?


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duh…what future!!!!!!!


Look at what 53% of America’s voters did in 2008.

Pitiful, just pitiful; to say the least!

Put Goofy in charge of America and the world. Now look at what these gullible brainwashed idiots have wrought!

Suckered into buying a pig-in-a-poke never ever having done anything of any significance in his life man-child spewing a pie-in-the-sky Utopian slogan of meaningless “hope and change” by a totally corrupt Marxist controlled Media and their sycophant Hollywood marketers. Now, we all are suffering the horrible consequences these voters hoisted upon our Republic when they obviously lost their freaking minds.

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Green…Money Machine!

One thing cannot be disputed; the only thing the green movement produces is tons of cash for what amounts to members of the Democrat Party. First, the green movement has and will continue to fill the DNC’s and Democrat Politicians election coffers. Second, the green movement will continue to steal as much of the assets of the middle class as they can steal by causing energy rates to “necessarily skyrocket” and designating private and public property as off limits to exploration and development. Green also reduces America’s independence from foreign sources of energy by preventing the exploration and use of our own domestic energy resources; that are, by the way, plentiful and comparatively very cheap. Green idiots would rather put people out of work here at home and send vast amounts of our money to foreign sources of cheap energy producing Nations creating large trade deficits and huge amounts of money to fill the coffers of foreigners “that don’t like us very much”.

This Green Movement; the movement of resources to the Democrat Party, the movement of America’s assets to foreign Regimes, and the movement of America’s citizens to servants to the State, must be stopped immediately!

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Public vs. Private Unions

There is absolutely no reason why public employees should have the right to collectively bargain!

There must be a distinction between public and private unions. In a private union, the union sits across the table from a non-union boss and they bargain for concessions. In a public union, the union sits across the table from a union boss and they bargain for concessions. In the former the boss has many people outside the union to consider in the negotiations of the collective bargaining process. In the latter the union boss only has the union members to consider, of which they all are members, in the negotiations of the collective bargaining process. Another problem, distinction, is the private union has the limit of the enterprises capacity to meet collective bargaining demands. In a public union, their is perceived to be an unlimited capacity (In the case of the State, just raise taxes. In the case of the Federal Government, just raise taxes or print more money.) of the enterprise to meet the collective bargaining demands.

It should be obvious to any and all observers that there is a very big difference between public sector unions and private sector unions when it comes to collective bargaining and workers rights. It should be very easy to see why public sector unions have now achieved superiority over the private sector unions in both wages and other benefits as on the public sector side there is no reason not to continually increase both. Now that the States are experiencing financial problems, this distinction between public and private unions is exposed for what it really is, the right of the public union to collectively bargain for more and more as the payers go broke or have less and less. Its not right, or moral, for the public union to be able to continue to steal the wealth of those that pay the bills.

The ultimate public collective bargaining is the right to vote. Many voted in 2010, and put physical conservatives in the State Governments. What has been the response by the Liberals, to run away and hide out as a spoiled child might run away from home when they don’t get their way.

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Proof–Democrat Party The Real Party of No!

Now it has been proven the Democrat Party is the real Political Party of NO. The Democrat Party Legislators in at least two States, Wisconsin and Indiana, have left their States running away from their duty. Compromise for the Democrat Party really means that the Republican Party must give in to all of the demands and wants of the Democrat Party. The reality is that the Democrat Party never compromises and now that they aren’t getting their way, like little children they run away crying.

The Democrats and their lackeys in the Media always call the Republicans the Party of no; now their is indisputable proof it is the Democrat Party that is the real Party of NO!

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Government Lies Lead to Enslavement!

In the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales, when faced with the impending attack by Ten Bears, a Comanche War Chief, Wales tells his group; “When the going gets bad and it looks like you won’t make it. You have to get mean. I mean mad dog mean; because, if you loose your head and give up, you neither win or live. That’s just the way it is.”

If you think Governments today are any different than the one Wales and the Indians dealt with post Civil War, you are living in a fantasy world. Why was Ten Bears warring with the U.S.? Simply because he had been told so many lies by the U.S. Government he finally took a stand and refused to accept any more of the lies. Why was Wales on the run, because he was labeled an outlaw by a then Nebraska Senator paying and directing the Army to round up and kill those refusing submit. All of this was less than 150 years ago; the Civil War ended in 1865. How close the Movie Industry stayed to historical fact is not relevant to the fact that the Indians were moved again, and again, and again, and finally put on reservations that got moved or their boundary’s changed several times; or the fact that the North was not very good to the South after the war ended.

Today the American people are facing a similar situation. The only difference is the present conflict is between a Government that wants total dictatorial control over all of it’s people and the freedom loving individualism our Founders instilled in people that want America to stay a free Constitutional Republic. At present, the people have the numbers as witnessed by the 2010 elections. But, the present U.S. Government tyrants have total control of all the positions of Government Power, the Media, the Press, the education of our children, peoples’ healthcare, energy production, Banks, directly or indirectly all of the U.S. Industrial base, farming, and many other segments of our society and moving to take over energy production, food supplies, and the Internet.

Some will say the Republicans now having taken back the House of Representatives can help stop this “Big Government” onslaught. But, if you are counting on these Republican wimps that want and like “Big Government” to stop or slow down the tyranny you are a fool. We the people are the only thing standing between the Constitutional freedom of the people and “Big Government” slavery over all the people.

As Wales told his group facing the fight for survival. If we, the American people, lose our heads and give up; we neither win or live. That’s just the way it is, has always been, and will always be. Keep your heads and continue the fight for freedom; is there really any other choice?

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Obama’s Delusion!

Obama, having won the 2008 Presidential election not only felt his “fundamentally change America” as a process to be implemented; but, Obama felt his election to POTUS cemented the “fundamentally change America” from that point on. Remember Obama’s “5 days left to fundamentally change America” speech. In Obama’s mind, America was instantly transformed into a Marxist Nation State Polity upon his election to POTUS. That is why Obama says such stupid things as “The GOP will have to learn to work with me.” You see, Obama thinks he himself “is” now America, everything and everyone else must serve him, or they are un-American.

Can there be any wonder why Obama is now opposed by the majority “right of center” America? A majority of the voters may have been gullible enough to be fooled into voting for this blank slate candidate because they projected their own wants and desires into his speeches. If the voters had listened to Obama’s words, instead of their “fill in the blank” projection, they would have realized that Obama was and is delusional in a narcissistic demigod sort of way. So, Obama and his flock demonizes and condemns the American people and organizations that say; “wait just a darned minute”, you and your ways are not American, as anti-American. Because, in Obama’s delusion, Marxist America was instantly implemented upon his “we won” moment. In Obama’s eyes, America is now his America and everyone else must conform to his Marxist America or they are now un-American.

Obama had a lot of help in deceiving the voters; everyone in the World’s Print Media, TV, Hollywood, Universities, Unions, Foreign Donors, Marketing circles, the Arts, and even Obama’s opponent McCain’s wimpy excuse for a campaign propelled Obama to victory. How could all of these supposedly intelligent people in these institutions have been fooled by Obama? They weren’t fooled by Obama, they are Obama sycophants that helped Obama fool the American people because they share Obama’s delusion of a Marxist America. In these sycophants continuing effort to cement the new Marxist America, these same sycophants join in the chant that anything anti-Obama is anti-American. The Obama sycophants’ name calling and demonizing has gotten grossly out of hand and is intentioned to destroy anything left of the America pre-Obama.

Conservatives being elected this November 2, will be a start back to pre-Obama America; but, only a start as the new Obama Marxist America will still be under Obama’s control and Obama and his sycophants will be ranting even louder in their name calling and demonizing of pre-Obama Americans.

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Why have the Demorats

taken the “c”

out of their name?

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Democrats’ Lies




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