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Obumbo-Marxist Dictator

The R candidates say they will repeal Obumbocare on day one but… The facts are Obumbocare cannot be repealed by any POTUS unless that POTUS becomes as Obumbo–a defacto King dictating policy. Overturning Obumbocare would require substantial increases in both houses of Congress to even begin to dream about overturning Obumbocare. The Senate would not only require a minimum of 15 new Rs elected in 2012 to replace Ds but many incumbent Rs would need to be replaced by conservative Rs and all Rs would then necessarily need to stick together; none of the preceding will happen. So the bluster by the R candidates over repealing Obumbocare is pure fiction unless they are to be exactly what they hope to replace, a dictatorial King.

The “individual mandate” of the Obumbocare (PPACA) is to be decided by the Supreme Court (SC) but that is merely a thorn for this POTUS if the SC decides the “individual mandate” unconstitutional as Obumbo could/would just issue another accommodation dictate to the now non-private but Government run and mandated free care provider “insurance companies” as in the “religious non-accommodation” on Religious Conscience mandated free contraceptives/abortifacients.

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No Longer a Constitutional Republic

With the past Century of creeping Marxism into and upon the American experiment, formally establishing self rule and independent States incorporated into one centralized representational limited government we knew as our Constitutional Republic, America has finally succumbed under the weight and power of a central Government that abandoned its limited powers in favor of totalitarian central power made possible by Legislating the Constitutional Republic defunct and Legislating top down controls relegating the States and eventually individuals to dependents of and upon a Marxist central Government.

This processes that rendered the Constitutional Republic defunct were many. Some of the most obvious are the usual suspects such as those human traits of self indulgence, power, control, laziness, child like dependence, group think, greed, envy, covet, and need, along with the most illogical in terms of self determination and preservation: gullibility, trust, fantasy, wishes, love, hate, desire, satisfaction, status, feelings, acceptance, pretense, and presence.

The question arises why people would choose to replace a Constitutional Republic established for the sole purpose of preserving individual self determination, freedom, life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for one where Marxism will control every aspect of one’s life including even one’s right to life itself. The only answer possible is that the latter, Marxism, appears a more beneficial choice. How could anyone ever choose for others to control every aspect of their life even to the point of their very existence over their self determination? That answer lies among the many human traits in paragraph two. Not every one chooses to be controlled, i.e. enslaved, for the same reason or comes to that point of acceptance for the same reasons. For many, completely oblivious to their surroundings, others choose for them.

Many sit on the sidelines saying silly things like; that can’t happen here, this is America. It is exactly that type of willful blindness and denial that allows exactly what they believe to be impossible to happen to not only be possible but most assuredly guarantees what they believe can’t happen will happen. An example would be the belief that genocide can’t happen in America. It not only can happen it is happening now. Sixty plus Million unborn children have been murdered in the womb since the wrongly decided Roe v Wade Supreme Court Case in 1973. A lot of people have been conditioned to accept these murders as if taking a pill for a cold. If The Affordable Care Act—an utter deceptive lie of a misnomer—is implemented in its entirety, the weak, the poor, and the elderly will all die premature deaths at the Government’s hand by withholding monies for adequate care and/or neglect specifically because their burden on society will be deemed too great a cost to a productive society lorded over by a powerful Marxist central Government. These deaths too will be considered nothing more than taking a pill for a cold—a necessary evil for the “greater good” of the enslaved productive masses. Think about that. Just who are these “greater good” productive masses benefiting if not the Government that dictates over them and keeps them enslaved. How are more people serving a bigger and stronger Central Government, even by dying early as to not be a burden, a “greater good” for anyone not serving within that central Government?

Does the Power of a Central Government take the position of a life boat and eventually decides who are expendable. Are the people really willing to put themselves in that life boat while standing on solid ground? Soon we will all be forced onto the Ship of State that inevitably will become just another Titanic. There is still a choice. People could choose to not board that Ship. I don’t hold out much hope for that as that Cruise sure does look and sound like a great big party of fun times ahead to be had by all. And note at least one certainty, in these modern times that old chivalry thing about women and children first is long forgotten. As the Ship of State crashes into that unseen in the fog iceberg, it will be the elite Government officials and their elite buddies taking up all of any available life boat seats.

Note: This entire post could have been said in one sentence: Anyone not directly benefiting the Government is from this point forward expendable!

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Northeast Democrat and Republican Marauders

It should be apparent, but obviously isn’t, that as the NE in olden years raped, murdered, killed, and pillaged their way from village to village across England, it took a strong leader to band together enough people to inflict some hardship on the NE marauders. As is typical of marauders, when the going gets tough they run home with their tails between their legs. America has been under attack by marauders for at least a Century and both the Democrats and Republicans have been going from city to city raping, murdering, killing, and pillaging the people of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Will a leader emerge strong enough to put up any resistance to these D and R marauders? Paul himself, in the last debate, said his regret in the campaign was he wished he could articulate his message better because the message was so immensely important to America’s survival (I paraphrased this.) I also regret the Paul message/warning is not getting more popular support but in a two Party system designed for the two Parties to fight not for Liberty for the people, but for the control over the spoils left by the marauders of the most prosperous form of Government ever in World History–America’s Constitutional Republic.

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Will We Ever Get A Change We Can Believe In

The more I witness the 2012 Presidential election process the more I get frustrated at the Political Process. This leads to more wondering, regardless of which Party (R or D) wins in 2012, what if anything will really change? Then I think of all of those Marxist Obumbo Czars and think yes, if Republicans win they will all be gone and a lot will change–specifically big spending (crony capitalism) dictatorial mandated regulations.

Then I think about who will replace them and the answer isn’t very consoling.

These Marxists controlled Democrat Czars will get replaced with big government Republican bureaucrats that mostly align with liberal attitudes of big spending (crony capitalism) dictatorial mandated regulations. The exception would be if Paul were to get elected but neither Political Party will ever allow that as that would really be an atmosphere of "hope and change" that neither Party ever really wants outside of the candidates’ rhetorical gestures (lies).

So, the names on the doors inside the buildings will change if a Republican gets elected but the names of the buildings will stay the same. Is that really change anyone should or even could believe in?

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Virginia Primaries?

I live in Virginia (VA) and do vote in the primaries. Thanks to several Gingrich campaign organizational blunders, VA voters will only have two names on the ballot from which to choose the next Republican (R) for the 2012 Presidential race, Romney and Paul. Since Romney is a Big Government Socialist R and Paul is a small Government Libertarian R, the choice is clear (at least for me). Who are you going to vote for, the Big Government Socialist or the small Government Libertarian.

This should be a very easy call to make; but, the R insider establishment elites are funding and promoting the Big Government Socialist Romney in the Primary. Heck, even Bill Bolling (VA Lt. Governor) is the Big Government Socialist Romney’s VA campaign manager. It has been reported by many R leaning rags that after Gingrich took the lead in the R nomination polls, the R insider establishment elites started flooding money contributions into Romney’s campaign coffers giving Romney’s funding fourth quarter his best fund raising quarter for the 2011 year.

If anyone cannot see the writing on the wall as to why America is free falling straight to Hell, it is way past time to open your eyes. We, the American people, are being set up big time to take a gigantic fall and it has nothing to do with Party Politics as both Political Parties are pushing the same destruction onto America in the form of Big Government stealing our wealth and freedoms.

If the Republicans get their pick to run against Obama in the 2012 election Romney, the County’s people will be facing an even worse choice in voting than VA voters will face in the VA Primary. The 2012 election is looking more and more like the American people will be given a choice between the Big Government Socialist Romney or keep the Big Government Marxist Obama. Get it! Either way, the Big Government elites in both Parties win and the American people loose. Like I said; wake up, open your eyes. We, the American people, are getting screwed over by both Political Parties.

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Just Who Are All of These Conservatives

I’m getting tire of hearing the LSM (Lame Stream Media) describe anyone not radical leftist/Marxist as a Conservative. Just because someone is not a Marxist or radical leftist does not make that person Conservative…period. Independents, Liberals, Moderates, and Libertarians are against radical leftists and Marxists just as much as Conservatives. So why call all of those political groups Conservatives?

Example: Romney is not a Conservative and never has ever been a Conservative—pro gun control, pro abortion, pro anthropogenic global warming (AGW), pro bailouts, pro stimulus, pro Government controlled healthcare, pro raising taxes, pro Agenda 21, and pro amnesty for Illegal Immigrants. These are just a few of Romney’s Liberal political positions. So why does the LSM label Romney and those supporting him as Conservatives? Is it simply because the LSM sees anyone not radical leftist or Marxist as a radical right winger and therefore a Conservative?

Anyone that can or does support Romney is not a Conservative…period. No Conservative could ever be a Romney supporter…period. Those supporting Romney may be Republicans but definitely are not Conservative as Romney stands for everything a Conservative stands against. Its that simple! The Romney supporters are at best Moderate Republicans, but more likely they are Liberal Republicans (RINOs) that moved to the Republican Party decades ago to escape the Marxist takeover of the Democrat Party that is now pretty much written in stone.

If the Liberal wing of the Republican Party can get enough Moderate Republicans to go along and nominate Romney, it doesn’t mean that Conservatives will sit out the 2012 election. It would simply mean at that point a Liberal Republican would be better than the Marxist Democrat Obama. (Heck, anyone would be better than Obama, even Bozo the Clown would be better.)

What it would mean is that the Republican Party has moved to the Left Politically to the point of not being able to slow, let alone stop, the increases in wasteful spending, exponential growth of Government, increased crony Capitalism, higher taxes, and lost individual freedoms being imposed by the Democrats and the Republicans now controlling both Parties Leadership.

Why do you think the Republicans are always being shown to roll over and give the Democrats everything they want just sometimes holding out for a slower pace? Why are the Republicans for higher debt? (Keep voting to increase the Debt Ceiling—why even have a Debt Ceiling?) Why are Republicans afraid to confront Illegal Immigration? Why are Republicans afraid to hold the line on higher taxes—both R’s in the Leadership of Congress have said the R’s on the Republican imposed “Super Committee” have said the R’s must give in to higher taxes. Why are Republicans afraid to stop funding the out of control Federal Agencies? Why are Republicans afraid to stop funding bailouts and Democrat supporting organizations like Planned Parenthood, ACORN, NPR, and others? It’s because the R’s are now controlled by Liberals and want all those things; they are just afraid to admit it.

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The “Super Committee” Joke

The Democrats get the last laugh as the Republicans put themselves squarely into a corner by imposing the Committee to Hell along with the partisan Democrats bipartisanship. The Democrats are smart enough to not just get out of the way but help the Republicans out when the Republicans are trying as hard as they can to screw themselves. The “Super Committee” is but one example but an extremely potent example.

In 2010, the Republicans took control of the House by a large margin. I can only say to this that the Republicans have been running scared silly ever since. The invention of the Democrats on the “Debt Default” involving the Debt Limit Debate was a masterpiece as the Politicians on both sides of the isle jumped on that bandwagon to champion increasing the debt. The Republicans came up with this “Super Committee” plan to help save them from their having to say no to raising the Debt Ceiling by giving them cover with supposed future debt reduction fantasies by this “Super Committee.

The joke on the Republicans is simply this: If the Republicans do not agree to impose high new and increased taxes on the people then America’s Military gets gutted. Two things the Democrats could only hope to dream could ever happen. Leave alone that the House usurped their authority and willingly gave up the advantage they gained in the 2010, elections to a 50-50 Dem-Rep “Super Committee,” but they basically agreed to raise taxes now for some more future fictional cuts in spending or the Military gets gutted.

If the Republicans refuse to raise taxes, what the Democrats have wanted all along, then the Military gets gutted, also what the Democrats have wanted all along. There is no win for the Republicans and only wins for the Democrats that could come out of this “Super Committee” plan. The Democrats also get the political win by getting to blame the Republicans for not compromising on the further destruction of America, increasing taxes or causing the defense of America to be gutted…those terrible Republicans are killing everything in site again.

One has to wonder just how dumb the Republican Leadership is to have imposed this worst idea in Congressional history, the “Super Committee",” upon themselves in what is becoming increasingly evident but a veiled attempt by the Republicans to hide just how alike they are with the Democrats when it comes to growing the “Big Government” idea thru more than stupid Republican policies. The Democrats are rolling in the isles laughing at the Joker Republicans once again shooting down the Republican base by giving the Democrats a win-win-win “Super Committee” scenario designed by the Republican Leadership to impose a loose-loose-loose Conservative Republican scenario.

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Romney’s Leftism

Romney is the most radical leftist running in the Republican Party primaries but has been deemed by the Republican Party establishment and is currently polled as the candidate to win the GOP nomination. Why!

Romney is in favor of and/or implemented as Governor of Massachusetts:

  • Romneycare—State forced health care regulation, insurance mandates
  • AGW promoter—instituted CO2 regulations (Caps on emissions and prices) on his State’s Power producers
  • Big Government price controls
  • Pro Gun Control
  • Pro Choice—pro abortion on demand—Pro Planned Parenthood
  • Pro TARP—pro bailouts of Wall Street, Banks, Hedge Funds, To Big to Fail Businesses, etc.
  • Raised Taxes in Massachusetts
  • Destroyed Jobs in Massachusetts
  • Pro Illegal Immigration—Sanctuary Cities—Pro Amnesty for Illegals
  • Pro sustainable development—Agenda 21—smart meters—etc.

So tell me why the Republican big money elites and leadership establishment in the Republican Party are pushing for Romney, an obvious radical Marxist at worst and radical leftist at best, to be the Republican standard bearer (nominee) to run against Obama in the 2012 elections? The Republican Party leadership establishment has and is continuing to destroy the Republican Party from within and committing treason against the Republican Party membership by already declaring Romney as the only viable choice. Nominating Romney to be the Republican Party candidate against Obama leaves the American Electorate once again with a choice of voting for the lesser of two evils. If Romney is nominated it continues, regardless of which Party wins, a situation guaranteeing no change from the current Big Government destructive path America is racing down.

It is apparent that the only difference between the Democrat Party Leadership and the Republican Party Leadership is in the of degree encompassing radical leftism both Parties’ Leadership have now embraced.

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Default Was and Is Pure BS

Why, oh why, does everyone use the term default to describe the debt ceiling debate? Their never was any possibility of the US defaulting on our debt…never! As to the debt ceiling not getting raised, the POTUS would then have had to decide just what he would then be forced to cut from his wasteful Agency/policy spending.

The debt by law would be first to be paid…period…therefore, no default was ever possible. The default term was used by supporters of big governments’ big spending to their sycophant big crony capitalists to scare the people into believing yet another leftist outright lie. Same for the rating Agency threat of a downgrade which was an added scare tactic. After servicing the debt, Obama would have to choose what to pay for or cut. Anyone not completely insane would know Obama would never not pay SS, Military, disabled, Medicare, or Medicaid as he threatened. Obama only cares about his reelection. So, Obama would have had to cut his pet projects that are destroying our Nation by imposing draconian regulation and control over everything and everyone in the Country.

That would have been a good thing for the people, not a bad thing! But it would have been very bad for Obama’s reelection. By raising the debt ceiling, the business in DC continues as usual and Obama wins big in his now guaranteed funding of his reelection.

One thing the R’s did accomplish, although small as a super committee will decide the real outcome for the R’s, is that for the first time in decades the D’s didn’t get the R’s to cave in and give them everything they demanded up front…and that is why the D’s are angrily spewing hate at the TP for forcing at least some R’s to stand firm on principles denying at least some of the D’s immediate demands. In short, the TP forced the D’s to do something they never ever do and detest with a passion–compromise with the R’s.

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Politicians Are All Liars On Debt Ceiling Default

“Now, I think I can confidently say that this debt ceiling increase will avoid default, which is important for everybody in America to know — we are not going to have a default for the first time in our 235-year history,” McConnell said. http://dailycaller.com/2011/07/31/mcconnell-were-very-close

Politicians, regardless of Party, are a bunch of liars.

There never was a default possibility. Its all a lie to allow the Politicians to raise the debt ceiling and spend us to the point where a default will be possible. That near future possibility is certain if the debt ceiling is raised, but it is not now.

Both Parties are determined to destroy this once great Republic even if they have to enslave us all to accomplish that goal. After they raise the debt ceiling, both Parties have vowed to raise it, the next time they run out of money there won’t be enough coming in to cover our debt and then America as we have all grown up in it will be gone for a very long and hard time.

Isn’t kicking the can down the road one more time just great! After this time, there is no more road to kick anything down, let alone a can. And you can be certain, the money will run out again in just 2 years. Raise the debt ceiling again. Then what? Raise it again the next time. There is an end to everything and this Republic’s end is approaching at warp speed now with 2T deficits for as long as the people have any assets left for the Politicians to steal.

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